Representation of industry characteristics and brand position is the top priority of office interior design for Masan – the nation’s leading producer and trader of consumer goods.

As the number 1 domestic producer of consumer goods, Masan Consumer aims to create an office as a loud depiction of its industry characteristics and market stance. The office design should ensure consolidated interactions and connections among staffs, hence a good mining of man power for the best satisfaction of Vietnamese consumers’ demands. Inspired by Masan Consumer’s line business, ADP-architects bases an exposed friendly workspace design on the unparalleled concept of “Masan Town”.

“Masan Town” – ADP-architects’s conceptualization for Masan office

Functional spaces such as reception, dining room and working area are transformed into typical stomping grounds of a town, for example a Park, Central Market and Square. A high realism and vividness of setting reproduction is achieved by the nice mix of decorative materials and objects such as fountains, wooden chairs, lawns (for the Park), cyclos, carrying poles (for the Market), telephone booth, road markings (for the Square). The proximity of common spaces to the windows helps draw on the pool of sunlight, saving the energy while underlining the nature and authenticity of the entire office design.

Masan’s product displays in the Central Market corner

The simple materials used for the office are no lack of luxury and premium quality. The state-of-the-art marble and warm-looking wood makes a perfect match. To highlight Vietnamese elements, ADP-architects includes local elements by using decorative objects such as lighting systems and floors with Dong Son iconic drum, bamboo materials and wall paintings.

Dong Son drum pattern at Masan’s reception

As a company pursuing higher creativity, Masan craves its workplace design representing a Square that features new and unprecedented decorative patterns and provokes creation of the employees. Functional departments are arranged as isolated spaces, which are partitioned by wooden walls, which improves employees’ concentration. Common spaces for brainstorming and dining are also available in the office for staff members to connect and communicate or take rest and relax.

The Square concept triggers the staffs’ creative inspiration

The brainstorming area occupies a throughout part of the office

ADP-architects attribute the very essence of Masan’s office space to the goal for higher efficiency and business success. An office design that affirms enterprise’s position and ensures a good working environment for employees not only aids the enterprise’s business but also lays the foundation for a sustainable development.