Porsche office – breakthrough with new-style dynamic office model

Porsche Vietnam came to ADP-architects with requirements: Design Porsche’s office with optimal space to inspire employees to work every day and demonstrate the spirit of Porsche’s brand. Previously, Porsche only had a showroom at No. 802 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7 to be used as office for employees, leading to the urgency for office space design for employees to work.

We are inspired with the spirit of sport, creativity and dynamism of the brand to work together to design and construct the interior to create a showroom combining office space to meet customers’ requirements.

Being present in Vietnam since 2007, Porsche AG has quickly dominated the S-shaped market with successes in sales. Owning the most expensive class of cars, but the brand value does not come from the price and the brand quality is confirmed through the statistics of the number of cars rolling on the market over the past decade.

As a professional office interior design unit, we quickly grasp the spirit of Porsche to design a modern, dynamic and expressive space which represents the brand’s spirit.

Based on Porsche’s brand identity guidelines along with consideration and color variations, grey is chosen to be the main color in the new office design process. This is also the standard color of Porches. From walls to carpets or chair colors are grey to create a spacious and modern space.

Màu xám là màu chủ đạo của toàn bộ không gian

Grey is the dominant color of the entire space

Mảng tường lưới tạo điểm nhấn cho không gian

Grid wall array creates focal points for space

To highlight the modernity, an array of walls using strong and attractive steel mesh materials is used in the design. It is combined with a yellow light system used to create the warmness and help balance the cool tones.

Hệ thống đèn vàng cân bằng với tông màu lạnh

Yellow light system is balanced with cool tones

The dynamic part of the space is placed in a flexible open-ceiling design that helps to take advantage of natural light and expand office space.

Like all industrial style designs, selected furniture and decoration items have definitive and modern shapes from armchairs, tables or reception podiums have a square shape.

Being inspired by accurate and speedy cars, the floor is stylized with grey lines which simulate the roads and help separate spaces.

Posters on walls showing the brand

The problem of maximizing the area is solved by using glass walls to create a spacious and open space so as to make use of natural light. Researches show that the use of natural light helps increase productivity to 16%. In addition, the space that enables people to see each other will promote effective communication to improve the work quality. The open design that utilizes natural light will maximize energy saving for the entire space. Trees are arranged around the office to increase green areas, reduce stress for employees and aim to build a typical modern green office.

Cây xanh được bố trí quanh văn phòng giúp tăng mảng xanh

Trees are arranged around the office to expand green area

The complementary space is an important part of the Porches office design. This area includes discussion space, private resting space, lunch pantry or entertainment space and is arranged with billiard table, tennis table and lazy couches. While the pantry or lazy couches help “wind of change” when exchanging work, promoting creativity, billiard table helps to relieve stress and helps employees regain balance between life and work.

Khu vực giải trí với ghế lười, bàn bi lắc

Entertaining area with lazy couches and billiard table

With every product, ADP always expects to bring the best to customers, at the time of Porsche’s new office construction, we hope to visualize the creative spirit of the brand and create a good working environment for employees.