Modern and dynamic features at industrial park offices

The office design in industrial parks is always one of the challenging projects for office furniture design companies. How to stimulate creativity and professionalism in the production environment? With the innovative solution in the design below, the 3 outstanding industrial offices are successfully constructed by the prestigious ADP office design company to bring absolute satisfaction to clients.

Pou Chen

Pou Chen is Taiwan’s leading shoe manufacturing company and is also the largest sports shoe manufacturing company in the world. One of Pou Chen’s big customers is Nike. Pou Chen’s request is an office design that includes a lobby, three meeting rooms and a model room for Nike. To fulfill this requirement, the industrial design style is concluded to be used. Ceiling is designed open and cement floor is used to express the modern and healthy. Color plays an important role in creating an energetic space for a sports brand. Neutral colors such as gray, brown, and orange are the colors selected from Nike’s products that are used as the main theme.

Màu trung tính được chọn làm chủ đạo

Neutral colors are selected as main colors

The entire lighting system is also selected based on Nike logo colors with warm tones. Nike logo is used on glass surfaces. Images of Nike athletes are hung along walls to depict the brand’s dynamic sportsmanship.

Hình ảnh thương hiệu được thể hiện qua poster xuyên suốt văn phòng

Brand images are displayed by posters throughout the office


As an accessory manufacturing company for Nike, Adidas, Puma, currently Paiho, the office construction needs to solve 3 urgent problems, including open space and showing simple industrial properties in the enclosed space with comfort and ultimately affirming the brand. Besides, optimizing space and increasing the usable area are also important goals in the client’s requirements.

The solution proposed by ADP is to use a simple but modern industrial design style. To solve the problem of open space, besides choosing minimalist furniture to maximize space, trees are used to both increase green areas and reduce stress, creating a green office. Being inspired by the company’s sports products, the reception desk area is creatively displayed with orange shoe highlights on a white stone desk.

Bàn tiếp tân được thiết kế sáng tạo

Reception desk is designed creatively

Walls are decorated with pictures promoting customers’ products, thereby demonstrating the brand spirit.

Poster thể hiện sản phẩm được bố trí xuyên suốt văn phòng

Product posters are arranged throughout the office

The characteristic of a production company is frequent overtime work, so the dining room is designed to increase the relaxing and entertaining space for employees. The additional designed pantry area has a personal locker for employees, ensuring the best comfort for employees when working overtime.

Một góc không gian mở của phòng

An open space corner of the room

Coast Phong Phu

Besides the requirements such as showing the brand, creating an environment that motivates employees to work, the challenge in Coats Phong Phu’s new office design is to integrate with the Cantavil’s office at the plant.

Màu trắng xanh được chọn làm chủ đạo

Blue and white are selected as main colors

ADP offers a design with many options for optimal workspace. The industrial design style is still the top choice. Maximizing space is showed by restricting the use of partitions and creating lots of open space for employees to comfortably discuss and stimulate the creativity. Modern simplicity is expressed through minimalist but flexible and versatile interior. Use simple and modern lighting system. The brand elements are cleverly expressed through interior colors and posters with two main white and blue colors. A simple but professional office is consistent with the main office and contributes to supporting employees to coordinate and work better.

Hệ thống đèn đơn giản nhưng hiện đại

Simple but modern lighting system

All three offices bring satisfaction to customers. Despite using industrial design style, through the clever layout and choice of furniture, ADP has showed very different personalities of each enterprise. Not only meet the customers’ requirements, these offices also create an efficient and inspiring workspace.