Modern workplaces are where the key business activities happen. But while it is easy to see the direct links between things like employee engagement, collaboration quality, productivity, creativity... and company performances, company executives sometimes do not see how significantly a workplace can affect those business drivers.

With the right mindset, creating new workplace is also a process that opens up great opportunities for companies executives to enhance their key business drivers, creating new environment that boosts employee engagement, collaboration, satisfaction, productivity... that ultimately increase the performances.

Being the number 1 workplace design & build company in Vietnam, ADP introduces the totally new design workflow IMPACT, ON DIFFERENT

Our new workflow is a process that ensure the workplace is built to create significant impacts to business performances by understanding deeply each company strategic activities and culture and transfer these into the physical workplace which in turn, enhance the company performances.

Our IMPACT, ON DIFFERENT workflow consists of 6 main stages:

  • Survey and evaluate existing workplaces
  • Strategic briefing of company and the project
  • Create the vision of new workplace and plan the new space program
  • Concept design
  • Design development
  • Change management & post- occupancy evaluation

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