“Shape of Transformation” journey in BAT office design

“Shape of Transformation” is the main idea ADP Architects brought to the British American Tobacco Vietnam office design project, with inspiration based on the fierce on BAT’s transformation journey.

From the journey of inspired transformation …

BAT is currently the world leading tobacco manufacturing corporation. From a business specializing in the production of traditional cigarettes, BAT switched to researching and developing more innovative products for consumers.

On the journey to transform into a company towards sustainable development, expressing innovation right in office design is almost mandatory. Above all, BAT also wants to create a modern, dynamic and creative work space for employees. Understanding the core values of customers, ADP Architects has bring the idea of “Shape of Transformation” to concretize the transformation process through designing BAT office.

to the idea of “Shape of Transformation” in design

“Shape of Transformation” inspired by BAT’s own itinerary. From that idea, ADP wants BAT office space that clearly show innovation, so that not only employees but also customers to feel when entering the office.

The “new future” is best demonstrated through the movement of lines in the design. ADP uses more flexible curves in the most accessible locations such as ceiling, floor, reception desk.

thiết kế nội thất văn phòng BAT

In addition, ADP Architects incorporates “light flows” made by the ceiling light system to provide the highest efficiency. These flows run along and appear in all aspects, from reception, working area to pantry and meeting room. The appearance of many flexible curves and bright lines create the feeling of continuous movement, emphasizing the vision towards a new and better future of the BAT.

thiết kế nội thất văn phòng BAT (1)

Choosing wood as the main material at BAT office, which does not go through the process, bringing natural, rustic and warm features to office space. It is the natural roughness of wood that will be more suitable and partly reflect the characteristics of products.

thiết kế nội thất văn phòng BAT (2)

A colorful, modern workspace will show the most obvious “Shape of Transformation” journey of BAT. Here, we focus on the experience of the staff everywhen they walk to the office.

The most noticeable factor is the color, most allocated in the pantry area. The well-coordinated combination of bright colors such as green, yellow, orange … on a wooden material background brings a bright and outstanding atmosphere, creating a clear sense of new future that BAT is aiming for. The warm tones of these colors also contain youthful, energetic energies that stimulate creativity and bring more inspiration to employees.

thiết kế nội thất văn phòng BAT (3)

In addition, the highlight in the pantry area is located in the ceiling with the design of wood leaves – stylized from the logo, which is a familiar identification element of BAT tobacco group.

thiết kế nội thất văn phòng BAT (4)

Functional areas are allocated at each specific area, to ensure the specificity and concentration, bringing the highest operating efficiency. In addition, excluding basic areas required such as reception, meeting room,… various connecting spaces are also focused and distributed throughout the office by ADP, which helps employees easily connect, exchange ideas and work together.

thiết kế nội thất văn phòng BAT (5)

Six months is the total design time of BAT office construction. A long period but enough for ADP to meet the criteria and strict requirements from the company. Understanding the core values from BAT’s transformation journey is both a challenge and an endless source of inspiration for ADP to apply and create a modern, creative.