A flexible office space empowers employees to exchange ideas openly, discuss new ideas, or simply enjoy moments of being themselves throughout eight hours of seating in front of a screen and focusing on their work. A typical is divided into three main areas, including the working area where employees spend much of their time performing work each day, the meeting and conference area where many people meet to share, listen to or grasp new strategies, and finally, the complementary area that provides harmony and relaxation outside stressful working hours.

The working area is considered as a place to deal with stressful work, the meeting and conference room is a place for employees to meet each other, receive and discuss information while the complementary area in an office OR “THIRD” OFFICE SPACE may be a dining space, a restroom or a game room where employees interact together with their hobbies and interests other than work.

Let’s explore the creative office interior designs of the following businesses.

Office interior design for work-life balance

Some businesses choose the complementary area as a place of creative investment in order to create a calming environment and restore the work-life balance for the employees. 

Tiki Ocean office interior design has a spacious gaming zone with various games such as billiard and video games. The space is built like an ocean, with the highlight of a boat-shaped bench, where workers can relax and chat comfortably.

Gaming area – Tiki Office – Viettel Building

QUOINE also invested in a professional billiard table in its office while the Axon Office with a standardized Ping-Pong table is designed as a spacecraft compartment. The ASTELLAS office has a quiet and private reading area for their staffs.

Professional billiards table at QUOINE office – Saigon Center building
Design of Ping-Pong table in the spaceships – Axon office – Etown Central Building
Office design for Reading room in the ASTELLAS Office
Reading room in the ASTELLAS Office – Mplaza Building

Design office to enhance interactivity and creativity

Not only does it allow employees to regain work balance, but innovative office space is also a place for interacting and creating a community within an organization. The Tiki office’s shared area for activities is equipped with a cluster of tables and lazy chairs where employees are comfortable in discussions on work or matters of concern.

Không gian thứ 3 trong thiết kế văn phòng sáng tạo
Shared area for activities – Tiki office – Viettel building
Shared area for activities – Tiki office – Viettel building

Be office’s staffs have a space to exchange ideas at a countertop or a small table for 2-3 people, a café table or a comfortable open discussion-in-group space, stimulating creativity at work.

office design of ideas exchange space at Be office
A variety of idea-exchange spaces at Be office – Viettel Building
A variety of idea-exchange spaces at Be office – Viettel Building

Office interior design to enhance experience at work

The workplace experience of employees is enhanced thanks to the close attention to the diverse needs of our employees. With the strong investment in a room with sophisticated design and caring items such as magazines and books about motherhood for the employees who are mothers, Prudential office scores points with employees. Not only that, but Prudential also arranges a modern and fully equipped Gym area to give the best experience at work to the employees.

Office design for Mom's room at Prudential’s office
A room in Prudential’s office for the employees who are mothers
Office design for Gym room in Prudential’s office
Gym room at Prudential office

Investing in complementary workspaces is a global trend; at the same times, companies can, at their own discretion, create fresh, vibrant, and motivating workspaces and meeting areas sophisticated and innovative designs.

The open working area of the BAT office that maximizes interaction is built with fancy and sophisticated interior design with a round desk and high chairs of bright colors.

Saint Gobain Office

Another typical one, the BW Industrial, using a fresh and positive green color combined with inspirational wall posters and slogans across the workspace, also increases excitement at work and in meetings.

BW Industrial office design
BW Industrial office uses the posters to mark its brand
BW Industrial Office use a fresh and positive green and blue color