Decathlon is Europe’s leading sporting goods retailer with more than 40 years of establishment and development. The brand, which is present in more than 69 countries and 1,600 outlets, take the mission to empower people to access sports, nurture their passion and have great experiences with their favorite sports.

With the brand’s distinctive character of dynamism and sportsmanship, the office interior design shows the open-mindedness of outdoor sports through the closeness to nature. In particular, sport is the main theme of the company, so the brand elements and sports images need to be visible anytime and anywhere in the office space. The Decathlon’s office interior design inspires employees with #SportSpirit, at the same time, creates a productive workspace. 

Besides, Decathlon wishes to create a happy working environment where employees are inspired and freely develop themselves. In addition, the office should be the support and motivation for interaction and connection among employees. Based on the specific requirements and inspiration derived from Decathlon, ADP has created not only an office space with personal signature but also the best workspace for employees.

Unique Sportsmanship-imbued office interior design – #Workforsport

With the idea of ​​Decathlon’s sportsmanship and mission, ADP has integrated the concept Work for sport into Decathlon’s office interior design to create a space which inspires employees to work more effectively, encourages innovation and creativity, and fosters the passion for sports.

With the aim of conveying the brand elements through the office interior design, the reception area is inspired by Decathlon’s outlets. Thanks to this, products are displayed not only at the reception desk but across the office space.

The reception area where the products of Decathlon are displayed is inspired by Decathlon outlets

#Workforsports spirit and brand elements are strongly and creatively expressed in the workspace through colors, slogans and posters or sports-inspired furniture such as surfboard-shaped tables of meeting rooms. 

Decathlon’s workspace
Decathlon’s workspace at PAX SKY Building

To encourage the sport spirit of Decathlon employees, ADP has made room for gym area within the workspace, both highlighting the #Workforsports spirit and increases the experience of the staffs. 

Gym area within the workspace

Creation of a flexible and dynamic working environment to enhance interaction

With sportsmanship-imbued design for Decathlon, ADP has created a flexible workspace that motivates employees’ interactions as well as makes them happy and inspired at work. 

Design with open space and diversified functional areas to meet all the needs of employees

The flexibility of the Decathlon office is manifested through the variety of collaborative areas and work settings, including open discussion areas, semi-closed and formal meeting rooms that need privacy and concentration to enhance employees’ exchange and cooperation in order to create a happy workspace and increase interconnection inside the company. In addition, movable furniture in office interior design is preferred to maximize the support for interactive activities. 

Decathlon office has an open design combined with an open ceiling of industrial style to not only increase flexibility but also create a youthful and dynamic workspace. With Decathlon’s requirements for open space, ADP has created a multi-functional space to promote the performance of employees and enable them to easily choose their own right seats, thereby improving effectiveness and productivity. Telephone booths can be used as alternative workspaces for employees who need intense concentration and privacy. Meeting rooms and open discussion areas have the flexible occupancy (number of seats) to meet the needs of employees.

Meeting and discussion areas facilitate the free exchange
A corner in Pantry and shared space of activities at the Decathlon office

The close attention is also paid to designing functional and supportive areas to encourage the interaction among employees, create a happy and dynamic working environment and effectively contribute to employees’ work-life balance. Along with the gym area, Pantry is designed as a space with a happy atmosphere and positive energy for employees to relax, increasing engagement and inspiration at work.

Successful project management even remote working with customers

The Decathlon office interior design project implemented by ADP received positive feedback from customers on our professional working style, ‘Can-do’ spirit as well as the high commitment on the project and with excellent quality. The smooth coordination in working with customers and management units abroad in addition to grasping the arising requirements of ADP has maximized the effectiveness of execution of Decathlon office, thereby gaining the trust and high satisfaction from customers. 

“ADP Architects show their professionalism from the first client meeting to final design. Their design team shows us that they understand Decathlon core values and reflect it perfectly to our new office design.”- shared Mr. Guchan Eskiturk, Construction Manager.

ADP designs and executes the Decathlon office that is imbued with the spirit of the world’s leading sports brand, but still ensures flexibility and dynamism in the workspace to increase the work effectiveness of employees, encourage interaction and create a good work-life balance.