ADP Group

Founded in 2006, ADP Group is the leading corporation in the field of office design and build. Over the past 14 years of operation, ADP Group has created more than 700 workspaces to inspire Vietnamese companies and leading multinational corporations in the world. In 2019, with the goal of better responding to customers in mid-range office buildings as well as aiming to design and build offices in industrial zones, Space.s was established and became a new member of ADP Group.

Recently, there are 2 membership design companies which are ADP and Space.s and three main offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi:

+ ADP Ho Chi Minh Office – Level 1 and 4, Southern Steel Building, 56 Thu Khoa Huan, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1

+ ADP Hanoi Office – No. 193 – 195 Kham Thien, Dong Da District, Hanoi

+ Space.s Office – 5th Floor, Southern Steel Building, 56 Thu Khoa Huan, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1

ADP – Impact on Different

ADP is the leading office design & build company in Vietnam. ADP mission is to help companies to increase performance by creating workplaces that embrace their own differences.

ADP Office Design and Build Company possesses three characteristics: 

+ Inspiring design reflects the client’s difference : For each project, ADP always learns and captures the unique characteristics of the corporate culture, brand, mission etc. of each customer, thereby giving an impressive and different design for each working space. The office not only supports employees to work effectively, but also inspires employees to work every day, thereby connecting employees with the company. 

+ Excellent customer experience: Professional consultancy, passion and commitments on schedule are three outstanding points when ADP works with clients. As a leading expert in office design and construction, ADP Design Company always gives customers practical advice, suitable design proposals to create the most effective workspace, and ensures schedule to hand over the project. As a result, the company always achieves satisfaction and appreciation from customers. Sharing about ADP, Mr. Vito Joseph Sabella – General Director of Axon Vietnam said: “It’s a great experience to work with ADP. ADP Design Company worked with us from early beginning to thoroughly understand Axon’s brand and concept for our office.”

+ High and stable construction quality: Always ensuring high technical standards on construction to help ADP Design Company maintain customers’ trust. Each office construction project is based on international standards for sound, lighting and air quality (WELL Certificate) to create the most efficient working environment for employees. ADP is the first company in Vietnam to achieve Gold LEED certification (LEED is the international standard for construction of energy-saving buildings and environmental protection issued by the American Green Building Council in 1995) with the design and construction project of Johnson & Johnson office, and three other projects are also being considered for LEED achievement (including: offices of Unilever, Jotun and Tetra Pak). In addition, ADP also strictly implements regulations of HSE (Certificate of meeting the standards of occupational safety). 

Let’s take a look at some office design construction projects that ADP has implemented: 

AXON Office Design
AXON Office Design – 8th Floor, E.Town Central
Unilever Office Design
Unilever Office Design
Shopee Office Design
Shopee Office Design – Sonatus Building
Decathlon Office Design
Decathlon – PAX Sky building

Space.s – Impact on Practical

Founded in 2019, Space.s has a mission of helping companies enhance an efficient workplace with reasonable investment by practical design, technology applied, and material R&D.

+ Modern and practical design: Space.s’ design aims to be efficient and practical, helping employees to work better in the modern and efficient space, and best support each occupant. 

+ New Materials & High Specification: Space.s focuses on researching, developing and updating new materials with high technical properties. 

+ Technology Applied & Streamlined Management: Modern technology software supports office design and optimization of business operations more effectively (for example: Space.s uses SketchUp software to support the designer to shorten the completion time and streamline the human resources).

+ High Construction Quality: Each project of Space.s always ensures high standards of office construction and interior design to ensure that employees can work efficiently and get maximum support. 

With the goal of always being a leading company in the field of office design and construction, ADP Group always researches and applies international standards combined with the understanding of culture, local trends to improve the High-quality working environment in Vietnam thereby helping people to work more efficiently and promoting business development.