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ADP's process of establishment & development

The year was 2006, and our founders were having the first office with 10sqm and 2 people in HCMC. ADP was born in that year with very simple message – everything starts with the basic. The original idea was to create a company which has been specialising in office interior design & fitting-out where could offer the best service, creative design with efficient cost. Over the past 10 years, we become the leading interior design & build company in Vietnam by catching the trend of new workplace. Our design doesn’t just look good, it also supports to help our client’s to increate the company’s performance at both functionally and emotionally by reflecting the company’s strategy, culture and business.

ADP Leading office interior design company in Vietnam

Until now, we have been created more than 500 projects for all the top international corporate in Vietnam & more than 90% of our clients are multi- national companies who are looking for professional service and brilliant ideas. In 2014, to deliver the consistent workplace quality and to service our clients better, we established the branch in Hanoi.

Orientation for office interior design

By discovering high level business expectation, understanding company’s culture and reputation, exploring the work nature, engaging the newest technology, we have been supporting many clients to make happier and motivated employees, higher effectiveness, present more appreciated company images and support their business objectives and strategy.

Momo office interior designed by ADP-architect

Our address

ADP-architects has two official offices in Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi.

  • HCMC Head office: 1st Floor, 56 Thu Khoa Huan Building, Ben Thanh Ward, Dist. 1
  • Ha Noi Branch: 193 – 195 Kham Thien, Dong Da Dist.

ADP-Architect outstanding interior design projects


Interior design yeah1 office With desire to build up a young, energetic and creative workspace to encourage employees work productively, ADP came up with the concept “Pixel World” based on the Yeah1 business – Digital media & advertisement. According to this idea, ADP applied the new solution for materials with dark color scheme to express “the light of pixel” which delivered a modern, and glamorous office space for Yeah1.

ShopeeReception area design for shopee - ADP

Shopee is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Therefore, the company required the new office in Vietnam to be aligned with brand guidelines and the Shopee images while fostering dynamic and collaborative work. Across the office space of Shopee, ADP featured the branding images by featuring the brand colors. In addition, the young and colorful office interior design not only makes the working environment more lively and energetic but also expresses the leading position of Shopee in the market. This is one of the outstanding projects of ADP in 2018.

Keppel Land

Reception space at Keppel Land office Keppel Land is a flagship multinational real estate company headquartered in Singapore with many projects in Southeast Asia & China. For the new office in Vietnam, the company expects to better express the brand images & characteristics along with a sense of professionalism, first class and luxury to highlight the company’s position and build trust with partners and customers. The Emergence of the “Tropical Cities” has drawn from the cities themselves, the tropical architecture is the inspiration behind connecting Vietnam & Singapore. Mixture in materials from luxurious stone to walnut woods has delivered a warm and welcoming environment and highlighted the leading role of Keppel Land in the Real Estate market.


Interior design the gallerie by prudential Prudential is the market leader that offers effective financial protection solutions, specializing in providing life insurance products, financial services and asset management. Prudential target to provide both clients and their employees with the company core values: Creativity, Capacity, Human & Honesty. “Green House Coffee” is the main idea ADP Architects transferred to Prudential Office from the traditional, formal office to a dynamic, inspiring workplace. Throughout space, it can be seen that spots of tree and greenery areas on the wall with collaborative area arranged appropriately to create a fresh and young atmosphere in the office. In addition, the green space design also brings positive impacts on productivity and inspiring employees at work.