Office design plays an important role in the success of the enterprise. Well-designed offices bring benefits of operating costs, improve work performance, and enhance the employees’ work experience.

Let’s take a look at some office design trends in 2020.

Coworking Space

Coworking Space continues to be the preferred office design model of the enterprises. With flexible properties and optimal operating costs, Coworking space is the first choice of startups or small and medium-sized enterprises.

Tiki office design
Tiki Office is designed with Coworking Space model – Viettel Building
Reception space – UP Tiki Office – Viettel Building

The flexible office has a design that maximizes space to save costs and increase the employees’ interaction. The working space is designed with an open model, having many auxiliary spaces such as discussion area, food court,…

Discussion space - Up Tiki Office Design
Discussion space – Up Tiki Office – Viettel Building
Auxiliary space helps the employees balance their work & life – Up Tiki Office – Viettel Building

Technology-applied office

Technology application is the inevitable trend of the future. The office applying for technological advances in its design help the enterprises run more smoothly and effectively while improving the employees’ performance at the workplace.

A typical example of technology applied office is Axon.

Axon Lab Office – Etown Central Building

The office has a modern meeting room booking system; all bookings are executed via the directly interactive booking system on the smart board in front of each meeting room and updated on the system quickly and easily. Axon’s access control system uses a retinal scanning system to permit access to the office.

In addition, Axon also designs a specialized laboratory for product research and development of the company. The laboratory is designed in accordance with strict standards such as using the white light system with illuminance up to 4000 Lux for research areas, optimally meeting observation and intensive research activities.

Laboratory with standard lighting system up to 4000 lux – Axon’s Laboratory – Etown Central Building
Axon’s access control system uses a retinal scanning systemAxon’s Laboratory – Etown Central Building
 a specialized laboratory of Axon's office design
Axon owns a specialized laboratory – Etown Central Building

People-centered workspace design

The trend of designing people-centered workspaces will also flourish in 2020. The typical example of this office trend is Saint Gobain.

Reception area – Saint Gobain Office

Saint Gobain’s office focuses on serving people through two aspects that are Physical health and Mental health. With the orientation to improve the employees’ health to work more efficiently, the office design allocates alternately auxiliary spaces such as the discussion area, the phone booth, food court, relax area…, which creates opportunities for the employees to move, thereby improving their health and fitness.

The office design allocates the discussion area alternately in the space – Saint Gobain Office
Open discussion area - Saint Gobain Office Design
Open discussion area – Saint Gobain Office

To take care of the employees’ mental health, besides creating work and life balance through auxiliary spaces such as entertainment area, food court or lounge areas in the office, the design of Saint Gobain office also creates an open relaxing space so that the employees can talk to each other and relieve stress.

Saint Gobain’s office design invests in auxiliary spaces that encourage interaction
Food court – Saint Gobain Office

Green office

In 2020, the environment will continue to be a globally hot topic. The trend of green office design, therefore, is also one of the prominent trends not only in 2020 but also for the future. A green office is designed with criteria towards energy saving, selection of environmentally friendly materials and minimization of harmful waste. The general formula of a green office is lighting, materials and trees.

The designs take advantages of natural light and LEDs- UP Tiki Office – Viettel Building

The use of LEDs ensures a good illuminance to help people work more effectively and saves energy also. Functional spaces such as meeting rooms, dining rooms, working areas are arranged near windows to take advantage of natural light to reduce power consumption while still ensure enough illuminance.

Relax space is arranged near the window to maximize light – UP Tiki Office – Viettel Building

Environmentally friendly materials are used; the materials with a Low VOC are prioritized to be used. This not only makes sense to the outside environment but also protects the employees’ health. Greenery is indispensable for green office design. Trees in the workspace help the employees reduce stress and gain balance at work.

Green walls are allocated in the common space – Keppel Land Office – Saigon Center Building

Discussion space is arranged with green walls – Johnson & Johnson offices meeting LEED Gold standard – Vietcombank Building

Above are the trends that are expected to be applied in office design in 2020. Some offices can combine the two trends in a design to bring the best workspace.