Corporate culture is considered as the personality of a collective, which is imbued in the company’s vision, values, ideals, systems, images, languages ​​as well as the way each member treats and work together and with customers. Corporate culture is varied from company to company. Creation of corporate culture brings about tangible effects that directly impact the business performance.

When it comes to corporate culture, there must be concern for Competing Values ​​Framework (CVF), which is researched at the University of Michigan and has become greatly helpful for the exploration of corporate and individual operations in terms of organizational effectiveness, leadership, organizational culture, organizational design, life cycle, leadership roles, financial strategy, information processing, and operations of the management. CFV is known as one of 40 important business models.

The model is based on 2 factors:

Two enterprise orientations: Internal or External
Two corporate governance approaches: Flexible or Control

CFV model
The combination of enterprise orientation and corporate governance will formulate four patterns of corporate culture. Each of them is inclined to a distinctive office design that favors a better business operation.


This culture features family-like closeness and communion. A collaborate culture-orientated company prioritizes teamwork and concerns employee development. It upholds humanity, employee empowerment, and further engagement of employee in company’s activities.

Office design solutions for these enterprises often focus on three key elements: investment in meeting space, training, diversification of spaces, promotion of interaction for more employee-to-employee communication.


A create culture is the blend of outward-looking enterprise tendency and a flexible management approach. This is common in such innovative forward-looking businesses as technology or technique. The office design for a create culture- oriented company should provide spaces for strategic thinking where employees can brainstorm new ideas. Flexible workspace allows easy movement, good visibility and the most convenient ambience for employees to share ideas.

Office design solutions for create-cultured companies should use bright colors, open layout with a lot of creatively tailored platforms.

AXON office is one of good examples for creativity in design. Conceptualized from the image of “Spaceship”, Axon office gives a loud impression of an incomparable fictional space. The design also aims to enhance employees’ work experience by the lounges, dining room and brainstorming area which promote work-life balance.

Axon office is conceptualized from a spacecraft
Axon office is conceptualized from a spacecraft – Etown Central
Axon office
Axon office is the realization of a fictional space
Innovative office design
Innovative office design enhances employee experience
 black and yellow colors are used in office design of Axon
The signature black and yellow colors are used


Control culture is popular in enterprises that concern control and productivity. These enterprises typically build a stable working environment where procedures, work coordination and unity are upheld.

Office design solutions for control-cultured businesses focus on creating a professional, modern space that satisfies gen Y employees – who pursue for financial warranty and classy professionalism. The workspace should demonstrate the stance of company, highlight the luxury and confidence in every detail.

Leadvisor is a control-cultured company, that is why Leadvisors office design targets for professionalism and high class. Inspired by the style of Wall Street leading banks, Leadvisor office design clings to the idea of A SPACE TO TALK – IN PURSUIT OF CLASSY.

The office has a contemporary layout in warm tone, which takes on the aura of professionalism and class of a major holding company. The elegant American style minimalist interior makes use of leather and wooden chairs in deep tones. Interior minimalism is achieved by the minimized use of vignette.

Leadvisors office
Leadvisors office towards professional and class
Elegant American style
Elegant American style minimalist interior
deep tones in furniture design
Leather and wooden chairs in deep tones
Interior minimalism in office design
Interior minimalism is achieved by the minimized use of vignette

As another example of control-cultured office design, VinaSecurities office also aims for professionalism and trust. This securities joint stock company destines itself to connecting investors thoroughly and accomplishing excellent investment profiles for investors. Its office design must highlight the luxury, simplicity yet subtlety.

VinaSecurities office design
VinaSecurities office follows the idea of Growth and Fluctuation

Inspired by the evolution and movement of market, VinaSecurities office realizes the idea of Growth & Fluctuation as characteristic of the stock market. The bars parallel with light lines on digital panels are simulated in the ceilings, walls and light lines throughout the office. Square shapes and sharp lines inspired by computer square buttons make a powerful design language for VinaSecurities office.

Square shapes and sharp lines in office design
Square shapes and sharp lines inspired by computer square buttons
Workstations at VinaSecurities
Workstations at VinaSecurities office
office design highlights the luxury
VinaSecurities office design highlights the luxury, simplicity yet subtlety.


Compete culture is derived from the combination of external orientation and controlled governance style. Compete culture concerns about external environment, when the business specializes in transactions with partners such as suppliers and customers. On the other hand, at core the enterprise must focus on work accomplishment. Design solutions for these enterprises typically emphasize a workflow-wise layout that supports both work process and productivity improvement.