ADP received awards at 2019-20 Asia Pacific Property Awards

“Space ship” office has brought Best Office Interior Awards to ADP Architects

At Bangkok (Thailand), ADP Architects was recently honored with the Best Office Interior in Vietnam at Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019.

With an unique design likened to a spaceship for AXON, ADP Architects has been honored as one of the leading office interior design companies in Asia and is the only representative of Vietnam in the category of interior design.

This celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry throughout the globe, judged by an independent council of more than 80 experts. The evaluation criteria not only focus on ideas, designs but also many other factors such as material quality, service provision, innovation and commitment to sustainability.

With the high-tech characteristics of AXON – the world’s leading technology company specializing in software development, providing technology products and applications for security defense, ADP Architects has make a big idea to turn 1,400m2 of office space into spaceship from the popular Star Wars movie.

This idea has proposed by ADP to provide a creative, inspiring workspace and bring new experiences to staff who are young, dynamic software development engineers.

“With this design idea, we hope that when employees step into their office, they will have mentality of those going into future, each working day is a journey”, said Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hoa, Deputy General Director ADP Architects.Accordingly, the interior design of this space evokes the spacecraft’s control bay, making employees feel like astronauts.

Lines and shapes from floor to ceiling, other interior details and supporting devices are all processed to make the overall look modern, dynamic and high-tech.

Entering a office with such creative design, the enthusiasm of the staff will also increase significantly, creating the sources of inspiration for the job. Thereby, employees’ productivity is increased.

Towards a modern space, but the local elements are still combined in the cafeteria area through the displays of lam, car cub, bamboo lights, decorative cotton tiles…, a typical way of expressing Vietnam cultural in AXON’s “space”. This is the creativity to create a connection between multinational corporations and Vietnamese staffs.

Vietnamese design company conquers multinational corporations

Besides AXON project, the list of office design projects that ADP Architects designed and built has reached 500, with many customers being the leading multinational corporations in Vietnam such as Unilever, Tetra Pak, Sony, Puma, Johnson & Johnson,…

Understanding the characteristics of customer, research and application of new trends in the world is considered a factor that helps ADP Architects maintain its leading position in the field of interior office design in Vietnam.

The offices that ADP Architects designed and built all have in common is the unique and impressive design style, conveying difference of each company in each field as well as corporate culture.

Besides, the most common in office have open, modern space, with many different functional areas such as discussion area, entertainment area, cafeteria to increase the interactions between employees and bringing inspiration and reducing stress. This is also the trend of modern office design, gradually replacing the traditional office model.

After marking the Asia-Pacific region with AXON project, recently, 3M office project designed by ADP Architects was also honored with the “Best Workplace Design – Golden Award” in the series of Vietnam Interior Design Week 2019 (Vmark Interior Design Week 2019), first organized in Vietnam with the presence of the Italian Consulate.

These prestigious awards serve as a evidence of capacity and creativity from ADP Architects, after years of efforts to create an ideal working space for most of the multinational corporations operating in Vietnam.